Thursday, February 1, 2018

Best Antivirus Software for Your System

As everyone might have experienced there is great importance of anti-virus software in a system. It is just like an insurance that we are buying for our data and we need to decide which one to opt for and get the best value for money.

If your computer is already infected with a virus, the malware may block any attempts you make to install an antivirus software. In this case, it's best to use a FixMe Stick.

Here is my review of the best two anti virus soft wares in the market that have the best price and also offer complete protection from A to Z ranging from Anti-spyware, anti-malware etc. to a custom internet firewall.

Bit Defender Total Security 

Bit Defender is truly a master piece in the category of anti-virus soft wares in the market. Those people who has a feeling of getting the type of anti-virus software that has a best value for money and also with a mechanism that just needs it to be installed and the rest is taken care by it.

This anti-virus is not just good for its virus detection, but also for its light weight tasks that can run on even on many low configured Personal computers. The auto update feature is also pretty much cool that lets you decide which time that the update files should be downloaded and also how frequently. The features offered by it are so vast that most of the features are not recognized by the people.

They are run in the background the rarely occupies high RAM. This is one All-in-One package that gives you all the protection that is needed for your total PC protection from viruses, Trojans, malware, spyware, adware and also provided its own internet firewall that is way too much better than any other.

There is also a special game edition that is available for download especially for gamers.

Best Features include Occupying of Less Space on your computer and less cost and it works as an install and forget component. 

Price: 24.95$(one user license for one year).


Kaspersky has been on the top in the list of anti virus software developers for many years. This is still in fight to regain its top position with its new 2018 edition. This Russian software company has produced one of the most effectively defined antivirus packages and it continues to do it until now.

It is popular for its user friendly interface and a one time scan that flusher out all types of anti-system elements out to the trash. It has also got its own file shredder to erase files even with out trail. The anti-spyware component of Kaspersky is where it had failed this time to end up second, else this would have been a lovely product.

They also have special editions for file servers and other stand alone applications that are feasible with it. Its price is another factor that is a bit more than its counter parts but it has some standards and reputation for selling its product with even such a price.

Best Features include Nice controls to maintain the interfaces(User friendliness) and Light weight. 

Price: 39.95$(one user license for one year).

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